"The Bible calls debt a curse and children a blessing; but in our culture, we apply for a curse and reject blessings. Something is wrong with this picture." ~ Doug Phillips

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I am alive!!!

Can you believe it? I am still alive. Busy as ever but still alive! :)
Wilfred took  a new job and has been gone more than he has been home. Wilfred and I both had elk hunts this fall...neither of us were successful.
Kaleb turned 3, then Clayton turned 8, Lindsy followed turning 6, and Joel brought up the birthday rear turning 2 in December!
Did I mention being Busy?
Oh don't let me forget, I had my gallbladder removed just days before it would have ruptured. I am feeling like a whole new person since then!
We also have started a sheep adventure....I bought 3 pregnant ewes and we are anxiously waiting for babies.
I also bought a sweet little blue roan horse.....Like I needed more to do!
She is great with the kids and even better for me. Now we are waiting for snow to melt away and my broken wrist and thumb to heal so we can get back in the saddle!
Last but not least...I am also worm farming. Weird I know!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

wow hun! gallbladder surgery and a broken wrist/thumb??? yowza!

you have such a joyous family! i cannot lie, i do get a bit jelly of all of the adventures your lil ones get just being at home (not to mention all the other adventures)!!

love you, miss you.