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Monday, June 11, 2012

Gone Fishing!.....

 Wow Mom.....Look at all the water!

 First Catch goes to Lindsy!
 Second catch goes to Lindsy!!!

 Wishing he was swimming.......
 Wish granted!
 While the littler kids had some splash time, Daddy and Clayton had some quiet father/son time.
 Then we got bored.....so Daddy caught crawdads to play with.
 They can really pinch! Fun to play tug with sticks.
 Just before we left Mom reeled in the smallest fish of the day.

 We caught all 3 fish on the worms dug up from the garden.....they didn't bite on anything else. The final total was  1 small crappie, 1 Big carp, and 1 tiny bluegill, all caught by the girls!
Daisy went with us....she made sure to keep the stroller occupied!

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Dustin said...

Looks like a blast. Looks like everyone is doing well! Cochiti Lake? I remember going there with my Dad when I was a kid, we'd sit there and pull Bluegill out all day then go home and fry em up.